Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prayer at 9:11am and 9:11pm Today 9/11/2010

As a Christian myself I am disappointed at the Quran burning that is suppose to take place 9/11/2010, all things that are done for God’s glory should be done in decency and order…It’s not about our will (what we want) it is about God’s will(what he wants). I ask is this truly in God’s will, when it could cause others suffer…

I am asking you to pray at both 9:11am and 9:11pm no matter where you are take time out to seek God in the matter....pray HIS WILL, NOT THE WILL OF MAN....You can pray for a minute, pray for an hour or two, pray the whole day, just pray that God covers our nation and our world...

I know that it is supposed to be postponed however we should still pray that, God prevails in all things and for continued healing in our nation.

WHAT: Prayer at 9:11am and 9:11pm, Anywhere you are

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks
"I believe in Kingdom blogging!"

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