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Positivi-D: David Michael local designer and hip hop artist

There are so many people doing great things in Detroit; showing that Detroit is more than a wasteland filled with dilapidated buildings and liquor stores. They are making marks in fashion, music, philanthropy, and so much more. It is impossible for me to highlight all of them, but I have to tell it like I see it, when I see it.

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I met David Michael a couple a months ago after he ministered at an outdoor concert I attended.  I don't know if it was the encouraging lyrics or the tight hoodie he was sporting, but I knew that I needed to meet him.  David Michael is a native Detroiter making major moves.  He has his hands in a little bit of everything owning a Christian based clothing line, David Michael Clothing Co. and being one of Detroit's hottest Christian Rappers.  

David's story is that of redemption.  As a teen growing up in inner city Detroit, he was negatively influence by his surroundings, and was on his way to being just another statistic.  At twenty he found himself, incarcerated, angry, broken, hopeless, and disconnected. 

David Michael grew up in a broken home, witnessing countless fights between his parents and experiencing both physical and verbal abuse. Reflecting on his childhood David Michael said, "They would get into physical fights...my siblings were always angry because of that and they always took it out on me.  They divorced when I was seven and my dad got custody of us. We got to see her every other weekend when he would let us." Even though he lived with his father, they never really had a relationship. “He was always working, and when he was home, he was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive,” David recalls.  His father never visited him during his multiple stays in juvy', and when his mother eventually got custody, he dropped out of school and bounced from house to house, and slept where he could. Needless to say David has not spoken to his father in over ten years.

Before being saved David states that, he was, "broken, hateful, hurt... [and] had a huge anger problem [that] enticed fights."  Most of David's early years were spent behind bars. He was incarcerated for the first time at eleven and at twenty found himself facing charges for attempted murder and assault, but it was at this moment that God stepped in with his redemptive powers.  David should have received 5 to 25 year sentence, but his sentence was reduced and he found a faith in God that stands strong. Like David of the bible, he was flawed, but God washed it all away. From the day the doors of the jail house closed David was destined to become a representative for Christ. 
Photo courtesy of David Michael
David not only reps Christ through his music, but he literally wears Him.  When I asked David where the inspiration for his clothing line came from he stated that, “I had been obedient to the Holy Spirit…literally clean out my closet of all the clothing that represented lawlessness…So I'm standing there…looking at a half empty closet and I say out loud ‘what am I supposed to wear God?’ and He spoke deep into my Spirit [and said] ‘Wear me boy’ it was so clear, but not audible? So…I began to buy White-Ts and took paint and started creating these shirts that had all my favorite scriptures on them, [what I was] reading…[what] was pricking my heart.  I wanted to wear the Word because I understood the Power [of] it… He is His Word, so essentially, I'm literally wearing Him!”

David is an excellent role model for the youth of Detroit and hopes that the young people of Detroit will come to know God for themselves.  To those broken adolescents in Detroit he says, “…I found myself in a cell guilty of a crime knowing I should never get out. Yet when I cried out for answers just wanting to know if He was really real and this Jesus I heard about, He met me right there in that cell. If you’re ever looking for answers....He will meet you too. I promise.” 

In future David hopes to become an integral part of the social and spiritual growth of Detroit. “There [are] not enough people seeking people here.”  He has several projects in the works and the recently released the album WASH, available for a free download, CLICK HERE. He is anticipating the Fall 2011 release of, "The Underground Pt. 2," the second installment of his debut album, "The Underground."(2010) He will also be touring throughout most of this year, and will be opening up for such artist as Grammy Nominated LeCrae and KJ52 this May.

To find out more information about David Michael and future events,

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  1. What a compelling story, Najeema. Thanks for taking the time to interview David Michael, showing how Christ can turn a life around and use it for His honor and glory.

  2. Such an inspiring story! I can see why you were drawn to him. Thanks for sharing:)