Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Glenn Beck's Detroit bashing, Someone doesn't see the POSITIVI-D in Detroit

Okay so a couple times a week my hubby sends me interesting internet links that he finds from local news stations in Detroit.  Some are humorous, many informative, sometimes after watching the video I am just down right mad.  Today's video was a commentary done by Glenn Beck on the city of Detroit, that is the currently the talk of the town. This commentary attempted to rip apart  Detroit. I know that this is just his bias  opinion, but the Mad Black Woman in me wants to say, "Sit down and shut up."

In his commentary he compares Detroit to a post-atomic bomb Hiroshima. WDIV's News Anchor Paula Tutman put it best "...just another national figure who has a platform to bash Detroit..."  Oh and he uses that plateform so well, to misinform American's about Detroit. Over and over he talks about Detroit's dependence on the auto industry and Democrats being the problem. Tell me Glenn Beck is the solution to put uninformed knuckleheads like you in office.  Detroit was not alone in depending on the auto industry, we are an industrial nation, America and the auto industry are one.  The auto industry not only funded Metropolitan Detroit, it created jobs all cross America.

In my opinion Glenn Beck is everything that is wrong in society, rather than being a solution, he creates more problems.  I have not had the opportunity to listen to any other ranting from Glenn Beck's Fox broadcast, and I probably won't in the future, but momma always said, "If you ain't got nothing good to say, then don't say nothin' at all."

Here's the BASHING, what do you think?

WDIV Channel 4 isn't feeling it, CLICK HERE to see what they had to say

Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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