Thursday, July 12, 2012

Curlitude: Natural Hair Bloggers/Vloggers you need to know

I am by no means an expert on natural hair care, but I do love my kinky coils.  Blogging/Vlogging has done wonders for the natural hair community, creating a place where newbies and experienced naturalista's can reflect on hair care.  There is something out there for every hair type.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I am sure that you have seen  many of the ladies at a meet-up hear and there, or caught them as guest bloggers on some of your favorite websites or blogs.  It's much more than curls with these ladies, topics including weight loss journey's, skin care, style, and so much more. These aren't the only curlies make a name for themselves in the natural hair community, but definitely a few of my faves.

African Export

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From her thrifty finds to her news commentary, African Export (AE) keeps it 100 while rockin' a wig every now and then. "The Realest Channel On Youtube," is filled with thrift store finds, wig and product reviews, and so much more. She is not afraid to tell it like it is.  You won't find her jumpin' on every natural hair product bandwagon that comes along and she is not a fan of meet ups. Oh, and did I forget to mention she can sang too.  Check her out on YouTube at or visit her blog at

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Franchesca Bka Checaleigh if the funny girl the bunch.  She adds a comedic flair to her lock tutorials and her parodies will have you rolling on the floor laughing.  If you don't believe me check out her viral video S@#% White Girls black girls, that got everyone talking about those awkward moments that black girls with white girlsfriends encounter.  I am sure that one day she will be a main headliner on SNL. Check her out on one of her two YouTube channels, Chescaleigh or Chescaloc's.

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CharyJay was one of the first vloggers I came across a few years ago when I started this new journey.  I immediately became engrossed in her talk show series "Natural Beauties in the City."  Her channel features fabulous style tutorials and honest reviews on the products that everybody is talking about. You are sure to find some hairspiration and gain knowledge about the do's and dont's for caring for your curls.  I had the opportunity meet Miss CharyJay at a meet up a while ago, and she is just a pleasant in person as she is on YouTube. Check her out CharyJay Youtube Channel

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The hair journey parallels our life story and that is so true with Miss Nina Ellis-Hervey BKA BeautifulBrwnBabyDol.  She went from fat to fit, relaxed to natural, and shares her journey through her Youtube channel.  She shares tips on updating your wardrobe,  natural hair care, encouragement for those seeking to drop the weight physically and mentally, and offers helpful tips for seeking higher education.  Find her on Youtube at Beautifulbrwnbabydol.  Visit her on the web at

The Monroe Sisters 

(MsVaughn and MeechyMonroe)

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It is rare to find two fashionably curly diva's in the same family, but that is the case when it comes to the Monroe Sisters.  Tameka BKA MeechyMonroe and her sister MsVaughn have taken the blogosphere my storm, sponsoring meet-ups in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Charleston.  I had the opportunity to meet these fabulous gals at a meet-up sponsored by Naturally Flyy Detroit and  as my grandma used to say "they are as sweet as puddin' pie."  They dish out great advice on caring for you curls, frugal fashion finds featuring many indie brands, hair tutorials, product reviews, and so much more.  MsVaughn's channel features style, hair, and make up inspiration along coupon codes so that you can get a great deal on some of the items featured in her videos.  MeechyMonroe's channel is filled with fashion, fun, and photographic inspiration.  Both Meechy and MsVaughn have an artistic approach to natural hair care that will help you embrace a unique you.  Find them on Youtube at MsVaughnTV and MeechyMonroe. Also check out

These are just a few of the ladies that are choosing to embrace their natural hair and talk about it.  Some other vlogger's you may want to check out...

Hope you get some hair inspiration. 
Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks


  1. Nice Hair Style it and also hair look nice Is it by any natural black hair care products or not?

    1. I am not sure which blogger you are referring too...I know that CharyJay uses mostly Natural Hair Products and I believe that Chescaleigh uses mostly natural products for her locks...You would have to check out their youtube channels or blogs to find out more about their hair regimen.....