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About the Frugal Friday Post Series: In reassessing my blog, I have found that some of my best posts relate to my perspectives on food, fashion, and family.  Today is my first post series of the New Year, "Frugal Friday."  This series will consist of helpful hints to use in the kitchen, fashionable looks that won't break the bank, and money saving tips for shopping for the family.  

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2012 was filled with a lot of budgeting in our household.  I've heard it said before that your biggest savings are in the kitchen and I couldn't agree more. I'm not an extreme couponer, but I clip from time to time.  Before I ever look at any circular or create a shopping list I shop my pantry, freezer, and refrigerator.  I don't mean to-see-what's-on-the-top-shelf. I'm talking taking stuff out of the cabinets and shelves, moving it around, checking expiration dates, and finding out what you have on hand for meals.  Often we forget about that 5 lbs. of chicken we got on sale a month ago and stored in the freezer. Or the ground beef that was $1 a pound so we bought five, cooked with three, and froze two.  It happens, so you have to get in there and see what items went into hiding, and move them to the front for meals.  You will be surprised how much money you will save with a little meal planning, using items already in your kitchen.

In order to effectively shop your kitchen you must keep a well stocked pantry, refrigerator, and freezer; which I will talk about in next weeks Frugal Friday post. Stay connected and tell me what you think about this series.  What money saving tips do you use in the kitchen? What frugal ways have you implemented into your life?

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  1. I agree. I try to keep my pantry, freeer and cupboards stocked as well. Excellent post. I recently nominated you for an award. Please visit my blog to receive it!