Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guest Post: March is Play the Recorder Month by Crys W

March is Play the Recorder Month!

The little known woodwind takes first chair in March, as lovers of the instrument come together  to celebrate through events, contest, and meet-ups with Recorder players across North America.

Linda Richard of eHow has one of the best description of the 14th century insturment, "The recorder is an ancient wind instrument known for its airy one. The English flute is another name for the recorder, which is played like a clarinet without keys."  What makes the recorder so loveable is that it is an inexpensive instrument that is great for budding musicians in preschools and elementary schools, encouraging youngsters to get engaged in music at an early age.

March is a great month to explore a type of instrument that is so often taken for granted.  If nothing else, the third Saturday (3/16 this year) will always observe Recorder Day, where all Recorder musicians are encouraged to play Will Ayton's “Porque Llorax”. Look closely at the Pied Piper is he playing a flute  or something else?

Read up:

How to Play a Recorder Wind Instrument |

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