Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Motherhood: The Forgotten Diaper Change

My toddlers were well feed, my business advertisements were posted, daily emails and follow ups completed, however mommy had a fail moment today. It completely slipped my mind to change my almost 2 year olds diaper.  It’s a normal part of our routine. We get up, change diaper, wash up a bit if need, have breakfast, get dressed, and go about our day.  But somehow, this oh so important task that we do every day, several times a day simply slipped mind.  Of course she did not go all day without a diaper, however it too me till after our first snack time of the day around 11am to realize my mistake. I was so busy concentrating on the next task that I needed to get completed that I neglected this basic need of my almost two year old.

It’s a PJ day, well not really but in my house it is. I had to drag myself out of bed today.  My husband has been working 16+ hour days and it is taking a toll on our whole family.  The girls are giving me more attitude than normal and we didn’t even make it to the youngest tots’ physical therapy session today.   I literally rolled out of bed, gave the girls milk, popped on the television, and we all laid in a row on the floor for the first hour or two.  The girls indulged in Sprout and Disney, me I was somewhere between sleep and being a ringleader preventing arguments between two toddler girls.

Breakfast was late, but the girls enjoyed it.  I kept it simple with turkey bacon, eggs, and toast for the girls.  I’m on a health kick, okay well not so much of a health kick as a lifestyle change, so my breakfast consisted of chai seeds and lemon in 8 oz. of water, followed by three pieces of toast with moistened powdered peanut butter and honey. Trust me it is better than it sounds, and it gives me the creamy sweet fix that I need to get through the day. 

I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything today, but having to toddler girls changes that. We had an impromptu craft time with markers and paper. Little did I know that the wee one had a surprise for me.  When I finally realized that I had neglected to change her diaper during snack time, I was tickled to find 5 markers, 3 crayons, and a plastic fork hanging out in her PJs. I don’t know when she found the time to sneak them in there, but I am so happy they weren’t in the diaper that I was changing.
PJ day is still going strong, but I’ve learned my lesson, pay attention to the small things before you tackle the large stuff.  It is so easy to get caught up in the next step rather than focusing on the where you are right now.  The beginning of my day would have been a lot simpler had I just slowed down.

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks (Epic failure today, but I’m learning)

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