Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Sprouts

God desires new sprouts. God alone makes all things new.

More and more I have gained my granny’s green thumb. My entire life I saw my grandmother day and night doing something in her garden; watering, planting, tilling soil, replanting, fertilizing, doing everything that she could to bring new life to the plants in her garden. There was life, new life around her continuously. My Ma Muh’s (My name for my granny) garden could put Better Home and Gardens to shame anytime of the year. She had more than a green thumb, she had a green lifestyle. She not only planted in her garden, she planted into other people lives.

Any given day, any time of the year, hot or cold, rain or shine, you would see Marie (my grandmother) out talking to those on the outskirts of society. She feed those who were hungry. She bathed those who were ill. She gave shelter to those who were homeless. She lived God’s word.

God told us to feed those who are hungry.
God told us to clothe those who were naked.
God told us to house those without shelter.
God told us to give water to those who thirst.
God told us to help the sick.
God told us to visit those who are bound.
(Check out Matthew 25:34-46)

If our whole life is meant to be lived out worshipping God, doesn’t it make sense that we should help others in order to ultimately give Him glory (Worship Him?)I am so guilty of it, being so self absorbed with my own problems that I forget about those around me. Forget to help. I can’t even count on m fingers how many times I have simply walked by and not watered someone’s garden. People not only need spiritual food, often they need food in the natural so that they can survive. It is our obligation as servant of God to help our brethren.

These concepts are not that new to me because I often watched my Ma Muh with urgency maintain her garden, God’s garden, filled with so many seeds that need to be planted, soil that needs to be turned, plants that need to be watered, some are sick, some are weak but only made strong by Christ.

Independent Thoughts of the Day

Many are thirsty for God’s word, and needs God’s lifewater along with God given H2O.

The creator of the universe made all things good, so it is good to help others. It is only the devil who perverts them.

I was bound and He loosed me. My mother sowed the seed as a child, my Ma Muh watered it through her actions, and I am now reaping the harvest. It is now time for me to sow into my daughter’s life.

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks
All Rights Reserved Najeema Iman ©2010

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