Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plus Size Swimwear Search

The truth is I, like many mommies haven't wore a bathing suit in quite a while, two years to be exact.  Before baby a could just walk into a department store and pick out my size with no problem, after baby I have to be much more selective, my body just isn't the same as it used to be.  I am body conscious and I only like to wear what is figure flattering to me.  I have rolls and a tummy which I don't like to put on full display. Truth is I will never be skinny, nor desire to be so, but I do desire to one day rock a bikini. Miss Gabifresh gave me much inspiration in her Bikini post, not encouraging women to be fat, but to embrace their God given body no matter the size or shape.  I'm not quite their yet, maybe next year.

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I've been on the search for over two months now and I am just not satisfied with my choices.  It has been much harder than I thought that it would be.  Most of the swimsuits that you find at departments stores or other retailers in my opinion are matronly and made for women who do not embrace personal style or self expression.My plus size hour glass figure needs a few more inches not a homely floral pattern. My ideal swimsuit doesn't exist on the market, meaning I am going to have to loose some of my lengthy list of suit requirements.I want to be classy and sassy at the same time.

A recent Google  let me to a website called, where I quickly ordered what I thought would be my perfect swimsuit (Pictured on the left).  I figured it would be the perfect fit for me.  Coral is a great color for my skin tone, ruching near the tummy area should take away from my mommy flab, and the swim-dress style covered my thunder thighs.   It wasn't a bad fit, in fact my hubby was in love with it, but I just wasn't feeling it, a few to many things were hanging out from the front, back and side, and my mommy pouch was frowning at me. Though this particular swimsuit wasn't for me, Swimsuitsforall has a great selection to choose from for every size woman.  I will not give up, and I will wear a swimsuit this summer.

I posted a couple of frustrated status updates on facebook and got a few sympathetic hints on a few stores and online sites to check out; Torrid, Fashion Bug/Lane Bryant , Always for me , and Ashley Stewart.  A lot of swimwear is on sale right now,  which is a bonus.  I like online shopping but I wish that the there were more fashionable opportunities to try items on in store.  I have only been able to purchase a fashionable swimsuit in a store location once over the past five years, and I had to go to two different stores for each piece.  There has to be one of two things going on here . 1.  Manufacterers are underestimating the amount of plus size customers who need swimwear and do not buy/order enough fashionable items. 2.  They think that all plus size women are between the ages of 40-60 and do not desire fashionable swimwear.  I don't know which option it is, but I would like to be able purchase swimwear  in a store one day without paying between $50-120.

Swimsuit #2 from Ashley
Update June 26, 2012 : Well I ordered my second swimsuit online, but this time I ordered it from  On the plus side it was on sale and I was also able to order the Butterfly Convertible bra, also on sale for half price.  I had a good problem this time, the swimsuit was actually way to big and very unflattering to my boobs.  I hoped that my search was over especially since the 4th is next week.  Here I am, still without a swimsuit to fit my plus size curvacious body.  Why is this so hard.   I just want a swimsuit that fits my curves without making me look matronly and disguises my mommy flab.   Every time I have a swimsuit fail, I get closer and closer to my assumption that the swimsuit that I want does not exist.    Time for me to put this one back in the mail and try again.  I would like to go swimming this year, but maybe that just isn't in the cards.  It stinks for my wee one's though, they love the water, but I can't take them to our apartment complex pool because I simply don't have the right attire.  Am I asking for to much here?  Maybe I need to eliminate a few things off my list. Maybe consider high-waisted bikini bottoms as flaunted by  the fabulous Gabifresh and countless other Plus size women choosing to live comfortably in their own skin.  Or should I opt for a tankini option instead of a skirtkini or shirt-dress.  Am I boxing myself in when it comes to swimsuit.  Am I being to picky? Do I expect to much from Plus size fashion? Does the perfect suit not exist? Am I am the only one with this dilemma?

The search continues in another post Plus Size Swimwear Search (Continued)

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  1. What's your criteria for a swim suit? As a petite but curvy girl, I too have problems with swimsuits.

    1. I am definitely looking for a halter style swimsuit or a swimsuit with an under-wire, because they tend to hold my large chest size up better...I also need something that doesn't cling to much to the tummy area (I've had to kiddos, so it isn't flat anymore, but working on it.) Ultimately I want it to be sassy but classy, I don't mind showing a little cleavage but I don't want the girls or the rest of curves on full display.

  2. okay, try here Now, I know Torrid is for little girls, but this swim top may work! The print is just too cute:

    Let me know how it goes....