Friday, June 29, 2012

Plus Swimwear Search (Continued)

Well I decided to take my search to the mall a few days ago.   I figured since my online search has been taking me no where that it was time for me try something new.  I went to three stores specifically looking for swimwear; Macy's, Lane Bryant, and JcPenny.  I was a little disappointed by all three. 

My search took me to the first store on my trip JcPenny's.  In my tween's and teens, this is where the majority of my clothing and swimwear came from, so I figured maybe, just maybe they may be able to help me out in adulthood.  There it was, sitting there like it was waiting for me, hiding behind sky blue and violet, a coral halter tankini.  I was in love, or so I thought until I made my way to the fitting room. Overflowing racks greeted me at the door, and the rooms were piled with clothes, but I refused to let this customer service nightmare come inbetween me and my potential swimsuit.   I should have took the clutter room as a sign, though the coral color of the swimsuit that I thought would in my search looked gorgeous on, I had things spilling out in place that shouldn't, in the front, back, and sides.  Well, to be truthful I am over exaggerating, I really probably just needed one size larger and it would have worked, on to the next.

Macy's who promises to have options for all women with every shape, only offered me vary little.  I almost didn't find the Woman Size Swimwear section, had I not seen a helpful employee and honestly I wish I hadn't.  Macy's offered me very little in the form of swimwear.  There were maybe three or four options with varying color/pattern options, which were one of two extremes gaudy or matronly neither of which express my evolving personal style. 

Lane Bryant who cater specifically to the needs of a girls with curves, let me down a little too, but it wasn't for lack of options. In fact I found more in store than I found when searching online.   This time my problem was more customer service oriented.  The store was by no means filled with customers, in fact other than myself there were maybe two or three other people in the store while I continued my search.  I worked in retail for almost four years so I have an high expectation, especially when it comes to specialty stores.  Every customer should be greeted with a smile, and if you see me looking through your racks I definitely deserve some type of acknowledge.  I was neither greeted nor acknowledged, the entire time that I was in the store, for me this is a deal breaker, especially since this is the second time that this has happened at a Lane Bryant store.  I came into their store with every intention of making a purchase, but when employees choose to not to acknowledge me I can take my loses and look somewhere else. The $75 to 150 I might have spent on a swimsuit in store can go to someone else.  Needless to say I walked out of yet another store without a swimsuit.

At this point I have to tell you I am starting to get a little discouraged.  Here I am in the middle of the summer, less than week away from the fourth of July and a few weeks from our family vacation and I still don't have a swimsuit.   Maybe it's me.  Maybe I am just to picky when it comes to clothes, but if I have learned one thing about myself in the past five years, as it relates to clothes, if I am iffy on how an item looks on me, it sits in my closet and never gets worn, meaning that I am wasting money and time. 

My search continues, my options are so limited right now, I guess  my customer service requirement may just have go out the door. Any maybe my fashion and body conscious rules need to hit the hay as well......

Peace and Love,

Najeema, I AM Curly Locks (Still in need of a swimsuit.)


  1. Have you tried

    1. No I have not, but I am going to check into it today....