Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tragedy that is Art

Some of my favorite artist, rather they are musician's, painters, writers, est.  seem to have some point dealt with depression or mania.   Out of depths of despair and tragedy has blossomed the beauty of literature, song, and beautiful canvas.  This seems even more apparent when it comes to women artist.  Personally I have found that the majority of my though provoking work has come when I have been drained, depressed, felt hopeless, and seemed like I just couldn't pick myself up.   No I am not inferring that in order to express yourself artistically you have to walk around with a dark cloud everyday, but could it be that in your moment of vulnerability and weakness genius appears. 

The tragedy that is Art is not a new concept to me.  In fact it was the focus of a project that I completed in college called  "Silk Screen of Human Emotion."  It was a two part project that with both a written and visual art component.  Definitely my saving grace in a class that I would have failed and an assignment that I refer back to often.   Maybe women by nature, being emotional creatures, find it hard
detach our life experiences from the art that we create; Or, is the lack of detachment from life experiences something uniquely human?

I'm still evolving and artist in the making not yet arrived.

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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