Monday, June 11, 2012

What Color is your music?

Okay so I am on a music kick right now, especially soul, neosoul, punk, classic hip hop, funk, you know that good music.  I am in love with all music. One day I might be bumpin' Bach the next Miss Jill Scott, even some Maroon 5 from time to time, don't judge me.  While on Pharell's new Youtube channel, I AM Other I came across a video called What Color is your music?  I was  interested to see what the masses had to say on the topic. 

In High School I  I tried  to be down, listen to the latest rap and hip hop.  They're okay but they are definitly not my faves.   The music that I forced myself to listen to fed into my alter ego, "Najee."  Najee was far more daring than my true self. Nobody bought it including me.  I love jazz, classical music, rock, pop, and funk. I love it all.  I guess that by embracing rap and hip hop I was embracing "black music, trying to fit in the small African American community at my suburban High School.   Don't judge me!  Anyway I am digressing I wonder how many out there are like me and have tried to identify racial acceptance by music choices.  Is this another way that we stereotype? Check this video.

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