Monday, October 11, 2010

It's not punishment, it's preparation

"I do not like to hear my daughter cry but I know it is good for her sometimes, she needs to become self sufficient, kind of like our relationship with God, sometimes we have to go through some things temporarily, mourn and cry out to God in order to get where He wants us to be."  <---This is exactly what my facebook status read a few hours ago.  I absolutely hate the process of letting my daughter cry it out, but it has to happen.  I love Elise, but she is dependent on mommy and daddy in order to take a power nap or cure the bedtime blues, but now is time for change. 

Sometimes I'm a  "Power Mom" and stick to my guns....and I feel so accomplished, other times I am whimp and let Elise's cries for freedom overtake me.   It always happens as soon as I open the door, Elise lets out a sigh of relief and smiles. I love it, eat it up, but its not the best thing for her. She has to learn to fall asleep by herself, so that on that aweful day soon to come, the daycare provider or babysitter doesn't have a monster on their hands. 

Elise is awesome, but currently she is like many Christians who just have to learn the hard way.   No I am not punishing her, but right now I know it has to feel that way.  The saying goes "no pain, no gain," and I surely know that the end of this period will be greater for both of us.  The benefits, a less iritated child which means a less iritated mommy, which means a restful night for baby and more relaxation for mommy, a happier mommy means more fun time for baby, and more alone time with daddy ( I AM a married woman people.) There are so many benefits but we have to go through the hard part first.  Its taxing on me and seems like it's killing her sometime she doesn't understand by mommy isn't coming, but in due time.  It's not punishment its preparation.

I firmly believe that the pain of today can prepare us for our future.   Would Nelson Mandela have won the Nobel Prize had he not endured and went to jail? Maybe, but his story is increasingly more valuable because of the suffering he endured.  Jesus Christ endured much suffering and persecution during His time on earth, but the pain was for promise.  The promise that we have of salvation.  The promise that God sent His soon to take up the cross and pay the ultimate penalty for our crimes, so how much significant is it that we suffer....

The suffering of Christ is unmeasurable and sometimes we must endure gain access to the promises  of God,

Peace and Love

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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  1. This is a great post. I'm a new mom as well and I'm learning to decipher when my son actually needs me and when he just wants his way because no one is paying ALL their attention to him. I hate hearing him cry but I have other things to do! After all, if I just sat up in his face all day he'd have a bum for a mom. Not cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I totally appreciate the Michelle Obama one. Love!

    Quench Fab