Monday, October 11, 2010

The Sleep Chronicles(Day 1)

Day One: The Beginning
Today is day one of the sleep chronicles featuring Elise.  I am using a method I would like to call 5-10-15 in order to teach Elise to soothe herself to sleep on her own at nap time (as you  may have noticed from my previous posting, "It's not punishment, it preparation.") Naptime and Bedtime go a little something like this

-lay Elise down give her a kiss and a blanket, quickly exit room
-Elise crying and screams and does anything that she can think of to get me to come.
-I set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes, wait five minutes.
-If Elise is still crying, I go in once more lay her down, give her kiss and a blanket and quickly exit....
-Elise may cry. I wait 10 minutes this time (Elise usually goes to sleep during this time.)
-But if Elise is not sleep after 10 minutes of fussing, I do it all over again and wait 15 minutes. (I have gotten to 15 minutes yet she is usually out during 10)

Now today is the first day. Naptime went okay, it was  kind of hard for me but I kept myself busy by blogging and catching up on some reading. Naptime went so well today that she got 3 1/2 of beauty rest which is a blessing.

Bedtime was alot harder because daddy was home and you have to get him in the mix, so we took turns doing 5 -10-15.   We did our normal bathing/bedtime routine.   I flexed it a little bit and gave Elise a snack before bath time so her tummy would be full.  Still in bedtime mode it took about 45 minutes for her to fall asleep on her own.

So far so good I wonder what tonight will bring?

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks (Mom Chronicles)

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