Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sleep Chronicles(Day Two: Naptime Blues)

Day Two: Naptime blues
It's day two of the 5-10-15 method. So far its going pretty good, I actually got some sleep last night. Elise stirred twice but guess what, she soothed herself right back to sleep. How you might ask? Because I didn't go in her room right away like I wanted to. She slept about 11 hours, which is about what she needs as a 1 year old.

Nap time (Around 1PM)
Now nap time today is a work in progress. There were a few factors that kind of killed today going smoothly. I did exactly as yesterday and put her down for a nap, left quickly and did my 5-10-15 minute increments however daddy came home a little later for lunch today, right around nap time. It don't blame him, I man has got to eat, but she was so excited when she saw him bring in her mega blocks that all of her sleepiness went away. So when I laid her down for a nap she was okay for a bit, but she was up and down constantly, so I had to just leave her in there by herself. She sung a few songs, told me in her baby mumbles ,"Mommy dad-duh come get me now," and it has been a little over an hour. Now I know she is tired, but she refuses to go to sleep...uggh. She's not crying but I know that she is awake. See how the rest of this goes....going in to save her now....

4:44pm So needless to say Elise never took a nap until about 30 minutes ago and it has me scared for tonight. She went out in the first five minutes, but I do plan on waking a sleeping baby at 5:45 so that my night isnt terrible...

Well I went against the grain and let her sleep to 6:30. She was still tired of course, but she woke up alot more pleasant after finally having her nap. She truly needed one cause she was acting like she was having PMS (Love her though.)

I let her stay up a little later cause' daddy got home a little later and I knew she wanted to spend time with him (You know by the smile when he walks in the door, like you done been mean to them all day.) I completely deviated from the schedule of 8pm bath 8:30 bedtime, but you got to do what you got to do. Everything was later, bathtime, and the chronicles. It went ok. Daddy tried 5-10-15 and it was breaking his took almost two cycles to get her to bed. We heard the cries but we stuck our ground.

Bedtime Update : Okay so after the two cycles of 5-10-15 when she finally went to sleep at around 10:30pm. She slept until 8:30 this morning, about one hour earlier than she normally wakes up. But guess who had sleeping problems last night, me. I just couldn't fall sound asleep for nothing in the world last night, ugh. I was tossin' and turning, and tried everything to fall asleep, and you know what it is.....I am so used to getting up in the middle of the night by myself or with my hubby to rock Elise back to sleep, my sleep pattern is all jacked up. I woke up like 5 times thinking Elise was crying and awake only to hear the sounds of cars whisking by in the night sky, no Elise. I gotta get used to this and I gotta get rid of this insomnia, no body told me mommyhood was gonna be like this. I don't think I have slept solidly in a year. Bye bye sleepless nights, hello pillow

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