Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sleep Chronicles(Day Three:Torture)

Day Three: Torture.
Naptime:Around Noon... One trick that I heard from mommy after mommy including my own, is that you need to make sure that your baby is full in order for them to successfully let your baby soothe themselves to sleep, but on Day Three I am getting tired and I feel like it is pure torture. I feed her well. I gave her a bottle. She even has a binky, and yet there are cries for freedom and it is murder. Now I know that its good for her, but my ears don't. They want to go into the room rock her so that the screaming can stop.
12:31pm Now I am well into my cycle on 15. She fooled me a while ago I thought she was sleep, but Oh was I wrong cause as soon as I walked in the room after hearing a shriek all I see is a big grin....I am being played by a 1 year old , who says she is not a genius.  I am convinced that the creator of Naptime did not have a  child at all.
Naptime and Bedtime Updates coming soon....

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