Friday, October 22, 2010

Positivi-D: Lonette McKee and Artsy Me

The D,  Dirty Glove, Mitten, Motown, Motor City, Hockeytown, the Three-One-Third, whatever you call it, it is and will always remain Detroit to me.  I am a Detroiter by way of New York  I been here since I was only a few days old and love it. I remember my school days at Barton Elementary, Paul Robeson, and Hally Magnet Middle School.  No, I didn't finish my education in the Detroit Public School System but it had a grave impact on my family and I.

My grandmother, who I blog about often, avidly worked with the Detroit Public School System and loved he city.  From tolietries to school supplies, the Barton PTA knew how to get we needed.  I remember Carnival days, Haunted Houses, and Bettermaid fundraiser days.  If Barton kids needed it, Marie Thomas and Ms. Cox was goin' after it.   They fought for DPS  kids and Detroit, now its time for me to put up my dukes and show some Positivi-D.

My city gets a bad rep.  Not only has Detroit once been stamped the murder capital, we were shamed by an incopetent mayor who made promises he couldn't keep and deals behind doors that should have never been opened.  Detroit has had blow after blow of bad publicity over the past five years, but I am here to seek redemption, cause' we sure need it. I mean lets be real here, Detroit can not be all bad.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting  some Positivi-D on my blog.   Letting you know what is really going on in the Motor City.    From upcoming events to venues, to the latest tid bits from Hollywood, anything that I can find its on this thing called the internet or things you send me.

Now my most recent Positivi-D  experience came by way of some free tickets I scored for "An Evening with Lonette McKee."   Now if you know anything about classic black cinema you should know who Lonette McKee is.  Her signature role in  the highly under rated 1976 Sparkle as Sister cast a spell on generations in the African American community. She has had countless other projects working with the likes of Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey.  If it was a groundbreaking movie or role, you could find miss McKee including her appearence in Malcolm X, Women of Brewster Place, and Queen.   In her most recent role she is bringing Positivi-D to Detroit.

Ms. McKee is a native Detroiter on a mission, to not just bring Hollywood to Detroit, but to bring Detroit to Hollywood by hosting acting classes to help the budding Motorcity talent.  She surely gave a good, "Soapbox," speech and it put a Sparkle in my eye on October 14 at one of Detroit best venues, The Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center.  She spoke of her mission to bring our faces (black faces) on screen to the budding industry.  The actors she trains will not only benefit from the budding film idustry, they will benefit from her partnership with Plowshares Theater Company.  On film and on stage, lights camera action, are you ready for Detroit?

From my chili cheese fries from Plaka's at Greektown to my meanderings at the River days, I live breath and eat Detroit. It is time to bring some positivi-D back to my hometown on event at a time.

(Pictured: Lonette McKee and I, October 14 at Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center, 'An Evening with Lonette McKee' via my husband i-Phone)

Najeem Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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