Monday, November 29, 2010

Positivi-D: Warmth for the homeless

I recently ran across this article in the Detroit Free Press. Someone really trying to save lives and bring Positivi-D to those who need it the most. Veronika Scott is a Detroiter who is selflessly working for those whose voices are not always heard, those people on the outskirts.  She is striving to create a garment (coat) to offer warmth to those without shelter.

No fillers needed the article really speaks for itself check it out.....

If more people would pick up the torch like this young lady, we will surely have a better tomorrow. Many say my generation is heartless and cold, but Veronika Scott is telling a different story.  How will you become the change that you want to see?

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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