Saturday, December 4, 2010

Curlitude: Where I'm from

My Curlitude
My curls have always been a battle for me. Sometimes I feel locked down by my curly locks, and want to chop them all of again. In the past four years I have transitioned my hair twice from permed to chemical free.  No time to consult a beautician, it usually only takes a few minutes and a pair of scissors and I am free.   Now I don't suggest that everyone take the plunge, but every time I do it I feel like lady liberty.Don't  let the smooth taste fool you, hair is hair, and hair is work, curly or not, sometimes you just have to embrace it.

Prior to high school I really didn't see anything wrong with my natural hair and when given the opportunity to get a perm I turned it down every time.  It wasn't that I didn't like the look of relaxed hair, but I felt like it wasn't as limitless as people made it seem.  The idea that my hair would stay straighter longer after being flat ironed is a plus, but worrying about chemical burns didn't seem to make it worth it. 

For a long time I was the only one in my household without permed hair. My mom got a Jerry Curl at 13, a not so great experience from what I hear, and her first perm in the 9th grade. I don't know the exact age that my grandmother got her first perm or chemical treatment, however I do know that she was definitely a creamy crack addict.  The women in my family have went from grey to green, goddess braids to french rolls, weaves to wigs and has used so much hair it is ridiculous. They say the black hair is a multi billion dollar industry, well the Thomas women have definitely gave it some capital.

I am definitely a product of the village that raised me, and eventually at 17 decided to get a perm. I figured I had way to many senior activities to do to worry about my hair, and that it was the best option if I was going to college with limited access to a beauty salon.  I do not feel like it was the best decision I ever made, but you live and learn, that is definitely what college is about.

My creamy crack experience taught me alot. 

1. Do not trust your friends with your hair, seek the professionals.
2. Up keep is critical and if you have never permed your own hair before, DON'T.
3. It is true. Do not press on top of a perm.
4. You will suffer breakage and it is not as easy as you think.
5. Age does not mean that you know how to do hair.

I guess perms are for some people but definitely to much for me. There is so much to tell about my Curlitude, my journey to going all natural. I hope that you join me as I learn more about my hair, and tell more of my story. My Curlitude.

Najeema Iman,
I AM Curly Locks

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  1. I look forward to hearing more about your hair journey, especially how it connects with who you believe God has made you to be.