Thursday, May 10, 2012

One month into my BC(Big Chop)

Photo and Make-up by Terrell B
It has been one month today since I big chopped.  I have to say I am loving it  My confidence level has soared.   Like I said before, when you BC you don't have anything to hide behind anymore.  My hair used to be my statement piece, now my inner beauty is shining on the outside.  I have always loved color, but have often found myself staying in the confines of natural tones and black.  I'm embracing myriad of color, and my wardrobe is screaming right now.  So many new pattern's textures, prints and color have found a home in my closet.

After a glamor photo shoot with Miss Terrell B (pictured above) I have been inspired to experiment with make up.  For Christmas my wonderful husband purchased an E.L.F Eyeshadow pallet to start me off and it sat on my dresser four months before I decided to invest in some EcoTools make-up brushes and try it out.  Now, I admit I am not make-up artist, but I can rock some shadow from time to time.  I don't think I will ever rock a full face of make-up everyday because my skin is pretty sensitive. But I am considering in investing in some mineral based bronzer's, concealer's, and foundation.  I wonder what will be the next adventure of me and my BC.

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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