Monday, September 10, 2012

On 9/11

All I could think when I heard the news and saw the clouds of smoke coming from the Twin Towers was, "Is all of my family okay?" I don't know my family from New York and Jersey well, but family is family to me, whether I talk to you a lot or not. As soon as I heard the news, I gave my mom a call and another to my dad whom I hadn't talked to in a while to find out if everyone was okay. I am happy to say that none were lost in my family, but my heart continues to go out to all the families affected by 9/11.

My heart fell when, a year later, I found out that one of my Sacred Heart sisters lost her sister on 9/11. I cannot imagine the emotions that she has gone through after loosing the closest person that you have in your life. I only have one sister on this earth, and we are just now getting close as we grow older. I can't imagine if I ever got a call to say that she had passed due to the hatred of another.

Over the past week I couldn't help but look at the 9/11 specials that came across on the television. The one thing that they all had in common was hope. Though there was tragedy, so many were lost, we American's stood tall. There were so many people who unknowingly sacrificed their lives for their neighbors. There is hope for the human race.  Whether we are African American, Arab American, Italian American, Chinese American, Indian American, the one thing that binds us is the word at the end: American. No matter where we come from, what our cultural differences are, in a time of heartbreak, struggle, and pain, we come together. One day I hope that we will put prejudice aside and find the freedom that this country was founded upon.

We will never forget, but let the memories of those lost teach us to love in spite of differences.

Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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