Monday, February 4, 2013

Black Women in History: Collegiate History-Sarah Jane Woodson Early

Note: I had a really hard time finding information on Sarah Jane Woodson Early.  Even though currently my research resources only consist of my ventures on Google, I have taken this process seriously.  In the future I will definitely have to read more about Early from different sources, but because of her great stride in collegiate history she must be mentioned.

Sarah Jane Woodson Early was the first African American woman to become a college professor. Early was born November 1825 in Chillicothe, OH (due to the limited information not sure if the her birth date was the 11th or 15th of November.) Early was also one of the first Black Women to earn a college degree, when she graduated from Oberlin College in 1856. There is very little information available about Mrs. Early however I do know that she was very supportive of her husband, Rev. Jordan W. Early. She taught in many schools throughout the south, and worked worked diligently with the AME Church movement. Sarah Jane Woodson Early died August of 1907.

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