Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am exhausted beyond belief right now needless to say, today has been a TV day.  I find myself slipping into depression again.  Last week I finally had the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a primary care physcian.  It was something that I have been putting off for almost two years, as I have been afraid of what they may find.  Well what did they say?  I am OBESE, nothing that I didn't know already as I have gained over 100 pounds since my daughters were born. At this point I have been maintaining my weight rather than loosing it.  For the most part I cook fairly balanced healthy meals for my family, but there are days when I have to feed my need for something cheesy, creamy, and greasy.  It doesn't help that at least one night a week we are pulling into someones drive-thru and that my life is filled with inactivity.  

Other problems that may be the cause of my weight gain, slight depression, and fatigue could be the growth of benign tumor that I have lived with for 9+ years, possible diabetes, thyroid problem, hormonal imbalances, and the list goes on. To further add to my concerns the prescription of my glasses went up four points, which never happens in people who are in there twenties unless they are diabetic.

Life isn't all bad. I went for geek-chic when I picked my glasses this time, and I can't wait to pick them up sometime this week.  I finally got my dark-wash skinny jeans week before last, and I ordered some new bras.  You may wonder why new bras mean so much to me, but  finding beautiful bras for a woman who is a DDD is hard, and they can't just be pretty they must be able to hold 'my girls' up.  I can't wait to finally invest in some good shapewear, which will definitely have to wait until next months clothing budget.  My wardrobe still consists of a bunch of accessories, a few t-shirts, and three pair of jeans, but hopefully that will be changing soon.  Cause' mama is ready to get her groove back and I guess that means that it is also time to take care of my health.

Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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