Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vital Love

It is vitally important that we are passionately affectionate about God, He commands it. To love him is to do the commission that He gave us. We should seek deeper intense amorous attachment to God, have a love affair with His word, for the Word is God, strive to be like Him daily. Enthusiastically worship a benevolent God who knows you better than you know yourself, for He knew you in your mother’s womb. Carry a tender warm admiration, in total devotion to a amazing God. Infuse God into every part of your life; be like a child with a new toy, never put Him down. He is the source of life, necessary for our existence, indispensible, critical to live, crucial to survival in the hood. For your livelihood is not living until you gain sustenance from God in the scriptures. The Word is God, get hip to it, fit to it, mold to His will His way, cause’ you have no provision without the vision of Christ. Walk in it, mold yourself to His way His way, His commission following His commands every day. Walk in it, let your path be guided by God alone, to His glory and power alone. Walk in it, He’s made provisions for you, don’t just do your thang, Do His.

Check it out for yourself

Hey you like what I wrote, check out God’s word for yourself. He love you so much that He sent down His only begotten son for you so that you can live free from the condemnation of sin. Choose today who you will serve, cause’ He loves you so much. No matter how far we think we are from Him, He is still there intimately intersecting every part of our life. He desires for us to run to Him. Not just running to Him for something , but because He is good and worthy of it. To love God is to love His commands, and in order to show we love His commands we must follow Him and ask God to deliver us from ourselves, our sinful nature so that He can give us a renewed mind daily. And you know what, when we fall in love with Him it’s a plus that we feel so much better because we can drop the weight.

My Prayer (It can be your prayer to, if you agree with it)

God “Drop the Weight” remove all heaviness from my life and carry me on your wings of protection. Deliver me from myself, my sinful nature brings me nothing in this life, but your love covers my multitude of sins. God I know that I have been far from you before, but I thank you that you are drawing me close to you, don’t let me go God. Help me to love you more than I love myself, for I can not love myself if I do not love you, for you are love. You God showed the deepest kind of love when you sent your son Jesus Christ Down to die for me. Help me to die daily, help me to die to sin, crucify my flesh so that you may be glorified. Lord help me to seek your scriptures so that I may know you and become wise. Lord I know I have been foolish before, but I know that my wisdom is gained in you. Continue to intersect every part of my life, give me your desires to fulfill your will for life. I love you. I thank you and praise you for being good. I pray all this in Jesus name. Sealed by the blood of the Lamb, Christ. Amen.
I AM Curly Locks, Najeema Iman
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