Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleep Chronicles (Days 4-8)

Okay so it has been a long time coming this sleep scheduling thing, letting Elise fall asleep by herself. It was suppose to happen in 4  days but I kind of messed that up, because I deviated from the schedule by letting Elise fall asleep during car rides (we left during her naptime) and not getting home until past midnight a couple of days this past week.

Now it hasn't all been bad, in fact we reached a milestone last night when she just laid herself down to go to sleep at her appointed bed time. I was like wow.  Bedtimes have been better she has went from 45min to an hour, to about 20-30 minutes. But naptime, that is a completely different saga.  I mean I put her down at the same time everyday, go through the 5-10-15 method and she never seems to want to go to sleep, I can walk in her room and she will just be sitting up smiling and looking at me. I feel played. 

In all fairness to Elise I have been tired a lot lately, so my hubby has had to spend most morning with her, but that shouldn't effect her sleep pattern should it?  Sometimes I feel like a horrible mother which I know I am not, cause I have to just let her cry, but I know she has to learn, better now than later. What is she going to do, when she actually has to go to daycare. They are not going to be nearly as patient as mommy is.  Needless to say we have a new hurdle to cross, getting this naptime thing together.

We will see how the rest of today and tonight goes....Off for my 15 with Elise, fingers crossed/

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