Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Curlitude: Split Ends Healing

Going natural is all the craze right now. Every time I look at my Facebook wall I see another friend taking the plunge, chopping it all off and starting over.  Many do it because of affordability, and others do it because they are simply tired of hair breakage and chemicals. For me, my hair story is a little different. My Curlitude is not just about saving money, or stripping away all forms of chemicals, it's about finding out who I am in God. 

From the day I was born I have always been told how beautiful and unique I am, despite how I have often felt. I never quite fit the mold, in fact I think I might have broke it. Now being different, standing out in a crowd isn't easy nor fun, but it is what God called each and every one of us to do.  It says in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

If He knew me in the womb, He definitely knew the things that I would go through.  I don't confess to understanding why, but I do know that He wouldn't let me go through it, if He alone couldn't bring me through it.  Yes I have free will, and have often made unwise decisions, but coming back is the best part.   No matter how far I have ventured, wrong turns that I have taken, He is right there waiting for me to run to Him.

You may ask yourself how does any of this relate to going natural? Well for me, chopping off my hair and stripping away the chemicals paralled what God desired to do in my life.  God desire to cut some things off, get rid of the breakage and any split-ends that have been lingering in my life.  The process isn't done, my hairs still growing out and He is still growing me up, and I'm feeling a whole lot better.

It is a journey. As I learn about my hair, God is teaching me even more about myself.  It doesn't always feel good, challenges, but I hope I am passing my faith test.  "Will I go back to the damaged dry fried hair or will I embrace my natural tresses? Will I learn how to take care of what God has given me naturally and spiritually?" I don't know how this story ends, but I am definitely in a new beginning.

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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