Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sleep Chronicles; When the Doctor becomes the patient

I am a pregnant mother of a teething 17 month old with a cold.  I have to say this definitely is no fun and not much sleep involved either, needless to say I am so far behind on blogging its ridiculous. I have like 4 drafts that haven't even been touched yet, and countless others that need to be finished.  I took on the task of highlighting an African American Woman in History everyday for the month of February, and I sure have the worst of all monkey wrenches in my schedule, me and my cold.

Okay so I may exaggerating a little bit, but it doesn't help that my current diet consist of tea (lemon juice and honey included), buttered toast, cough drops, and apple juice.  I truly understand why my daughter got tired of the BRATS diet(Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast, and Soup) after about two/three days. It's not that any of these things taste bad, in fact I love a nice cold glass half n' half Apple juice (half apple juice concentrate and water) its just that having these things in combination with each other over and over, gets kind of repetitive, and not in a good way.  Yes, I'm complaining, but moms need to rant every now and then.

Now when my hubs is sick, I know exactly what to do, but when the situation is reversed he is like a deer in headless.   Don't get the situation twisted, I love my hunny, he is a great man, but definitely a better patient than a doctor.  Of course he is quick to make my tea, and rubs my tummy when Eliana (unborn edition to our family) is karate choppin' me, but he just doesn't have the God giving nurturing ability.  It's not his fault. By nature I am a nurturer, I been taking care of sick patients since my dolly had a cold in her bassinet, and I know what too do, but like most men, my husband only possesses a fraction of this quality.  Yes, when my daughter runs into the wall, he's the first on the scene....and when it comes to discipline watch out now daddy's in charge, but he's a man, as I have reiterated several times.

 Mommy Advice
So with all of this being said, what is mom to do?  Go on. You do what you do best, nurture yourself. Don't forget about hugs and kisses from the fam, even though you could slightly be infectious, they are some of the best medicine, but take the remedies you use on your patients and make them for yourself.  Get rest, the hubs may not be able to nurture you completely, but when he offers for you to go to bed and he'll take care of the little one(s) don't deny him that priveledge, cause' when he goes to work, you are back on duty.  Go with the flow, you may not be able to be babied but having a toddler race around the house, may be just what you ned to sweat it out.

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