Monday, April 30, 2012

Creating Art through Curlitude

I'm a stay at home mom, who is often bored out of my mind, and I am tired of having a strenuous affair with facebook.   Above all else, I am also an artist.  I absolutely love anything that can get my hands messy and lets creativity flow freely.So I did what I do best, pick up some needle and thread, throw on some smooth jazz, and got to work.  I guess it was the hair cut, because inspiration has been set free.
My inherited love of scarves combined with my creative nature, has given me the new found love of making scarves.  I have to admit, I possess a little bit of a divatude from time to time, like to stand out in the crowd, so department store scarves will only do in a rush.  I'm no seamstress, but a few how-to and DIY videos on Youtube have provided much inspiration for my new adventure.  Now I have to admit I am still in the trail and error phase, but I have a few cool ideas which are now available on my etsy store, "Curlitude." (Currently there is only one scarf for sell, but I have ordered plenty of materials, including silk, that will be available for purchase over the next month or so.)

My first creation available on ETSY.COM
I have found so much peace in creating.  My cloudy thoughts, are so much clearer now.  I have given myself the opportunity to slow down, and become the artist that I was created to be.  Of course there has to be balance, and my house needs to be clean, but taking a few moments out of everyday to "Get grubby," (Dirt Girl World Reference) has really proved beneficial in my life.  Needle and thread isn't always my medium of choice, but it sure is wonderful.

I often talk about the bad, seldom tip the glass to see how full my life is.  It is time to see the beauty all around and show God how gracious I am for the blessing I have been given. Let go of the negativity and ask God for guidance. Using my nautarul God given attributes has allowed me to find PEACE. My HAPPY space in creating, the FEARLESSNESS I never knew I had.    The best me is  currently on full display cause I relaxing and letting God's love flow.

In one week, I have learned so much about myself.  I have accomplished far more than I have accomplished in three years.  My encouragement to all of the mommies, sista' girlfriends, hardworkin' ladies out there like me, take the time to find what God created in you and peace will abound. 

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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