Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm going back to college

Ok, well not exactly yet, but I am looking.  I have a good three years under my belt.  I went to two schools but I don't have my degree yet, but oh that is about to change. 

Since I graduated in 2006 I have changed majors a million times.  Personally I believe that there are very few people who have a set goal and plan of what they want to do with the rest of their life.  At eighteen no matter if you were home schooled, private schooled, or public schooled, you haven't experienced all of life.  Though my high school afforded me many opportunities locally and abroad, it wasn't quite enough.  Four years of academics doesn't make a whole person.  Life experiences give you the best hand.

For me drastic life changes have definitely taken a toll on self discovery, and I finally can say that I have a general idea of the direction that I believe God has destined for me. 

What I know for sure....
  • I'm a people person.  Most people think this means that I live in la-la land and think that everyone is my best friend, but this is a misconception.  Though I love people, I need my alone time.  People annoy me from time to time and if I wasn't a Christian I could only imagine the things that I would let myself do.  Anywho,  whatever career I have in the future it has to incorporate my ability to relate well to others.
  • I'm an artist. I'm no Grandma Moses or Frida Kahlo, but I love to create.  Anything that  I do must use this God given ability, otherwise I am going to be completely bored.  There are so many outlets that I can choose from, journalism, communications, fashion,est.  Who knows what I might do...
  • I'm a writer.  This is kind of a subcategory to the "I'm an artist" directly above this, but its a bit more specific. Writing has always been apart of my life.  Some of my best school work has come from literary and creative writing course.  I have not fully arrived but I know I if I keep flexing my muscles I will one day perfect the craft.
  • I'm a talker.  I like to talk, and here myself talk. Sometimes I go for miles a minute without stopping.  (It kind of runs in my family, you should see us at our reunions.)  My husband and mom will tell you, I have a hard time listening, but I'm working on it.  It is my belief that talking, face to face, is one of the most intimate and worthwhile forms of communication.
  • I can do it.  I hate to sound like some eighties motivational campaign but sometimes you have to encourage yourself.  I have bore good fruits before, and surprised myself with things that I accomplished.  The thing that will always stick in my mind is as the song goes "There's nothing to hard for God, nothing, nothing to hard for God," and He alone is the only way and reason that I will accomplish anything.  When I set my mind to it, the sky's the limit.
  • You can do it.  This post isn't just for me.  It is for anyone who is considering seeking higher education.  Life teaches you a lot, but being in a classroom makes you think.   Rather it's online education you seek or the traditional university style, it's nothing like learning something new.  Become a life long learner.
As I learn more about myself, and re-enrolling in college I will keep you posted.  My goal is to apply for 500 scholarships this year, 1000 by the end of next year so that I can go to college again with incurring anymore debt.  Four down only four hundred and ninety six to go.

Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman, I AM Curly Locks

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